Capacity Building

The close cooperation with the Hefei Institute of Planning and Design is one example of the collaborative realization of the project objectives. Since the beginning of the METRASYS project, the cooperation has been vivid. Workshops on specific themes helped to develop a common understanding of the problems. The Chinese partners named precisely the relevant problems and asked for support and interchange among experts. A series of workshops in September 2009 has been crucial for broadening the cooperation. The workshops were part of the Sino-German Year of Sciences and Education. Part of the workshops were an active interchange and a dialogue on urban and transportation planning as well as on the financing of transportation. Thus, the German partners could show their expertise in urban and transportation planning. 

One main result of the workshops and dialogues was to understand urban and transportation planning as equal contributors to climate protection as technical measures. Further, the METRASYS team and the Hefei Institute of Planning and Design agreed to realize some of the ideas, starting with the planning process for a city quarter in Hefei – the “Walkable City”.