Financing Sustainable Transport (CDM)

The government of Hefei has expressed an interest in implementing a sustainable, low-carbon transport system and is keen on exploring new sources of funding, as existing sources are limited. Therefore the METRASYS project partners, in cooperation with the Anhui CDM Technology Service Centre of the Anhui Productivity Promotion Centre (Hefei CDM Service Center) and Hefei Planning Bureau, have agreed to analyze the potential application of carbon market instruments under the UNFCCC regime (e.g. CDM) as additional source of financing to introduce sustainable transport measures in Hefei. In order to achieve this, the partners will explore and develop local sustainable transport policies and measures. In this context, several feasibility studies will be developed from 2011 onwards. The consortium will further assess to what extent the CDM could be used to finance traffic management systems such as the one which is to be implemented in Hefei as part of METRASYS.

Assessing emission reductions in transport poses a significant need for transport data. As traffic management generates local transport data, this data could be used to facilitate carbon finance transport methodology development in general.

On 17 September 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Wuppertal Institute and Hefei CDM Service Centre to formalize the planned cooperation to explore the suitability and possibilities for the application of the CDM in the transport sector in Hefei.