Phase 1 (2006 - 2008) Orientation and Planning Phase

The overall objective of the METRASYS project is the development and implementation of sustainable mobility concepts for mega cities and regions with high population growth. The mobility concepts are developed and implemented in accordance with local, cultural and technological conditions. Based on the technological potentials, an evaluation and assessment of technological solutions as well as organizational solutions, e.g. traffic management system, was conducted in the orientation phase. In the second phase of the METRASYS project, the solutions will be implemented.

The research area in the orientation and planning phase was Jiading District in Shanghai metropolitan region. Jiading District has already an urbanization rate of nearly 90%. However, areas and districts like Jiading District will be growth areas for the future population increase of mega cities.

Simultaneously to the research in the Jiading District, members of the METRASYS project and Hefei officials agreed to cooperate. In a second phase, approaches developed for the Jiading District will be transferred to Hefei.

A close cooperation with local partners from scientific and administrative organizations as well as the Jiading Regional Government facilitated the development of approaches for the Jiading District. The cooperation with strong industrial partners underpinned the practical relevance of the products and services, which were to be developed. In the orientation and planning phase, DLR, DaimlerChrysler, Fraunhofer FIRST, Wuppertal Institute and Freie Universität Berlin were the German project partners. DLR was lead partner of the project.