Floating Car Data

The TrafficViewer is a software application which shows the current transport accessibility in Hefei. It does not only show the level of service for each street segment, but also displays traffic messages and routings related to current travel speeds.

The display of the level of service bases on the Floating Car Data (FCD) technology. In Hefei, taxis are equipped with onboard units which record the location, time and travel speed via GPS. The GPS positions of taxis are used to calculate the current travel speed for each street segment. This is done by matching the GPS positions with the street map and routings to appraise the fastest way between the matched street parts. Finally, the current speed of each vehicle is fused to a level of service with five different categories (free, slow, heavy, jam, no data). Additionally, traffic messages of the local police are part of the TrafficViewer. The local police feeds the traffic messages into the system.  The traffic messages are saved and broadcasted in a format which resembles the international TPEG-format.

Sceen Shot Traffic Viewer

Figure: Web Application Traffic Viewer Online (Source: LUAX)

By right-clicking on street segment, the user can get information and travel speed. Furthermore, weather information and traffic messages can be displayed by a click on the corresponding icon. Further options of the TrafficViewer are a mini-map to improve the orientation on the main map, individually storable map sections and a user optimized print version. Overall, the TrafficViewer and functionalities are meant to avoid danger areas and to relieve the traffic circulation.

A further objective of the TrafficViewer is the enhancement of the transport management and the optimization of the city development and transportation.