Technical Development

A number of technical systems and tools have been developed during the first phase of the project METRASYS. These technical systems and tools provide the basis to fulfill and measure the project goals of a sustainable and energy efficient transport system. The technical systems and tools also provide the basis to measure and model selected scenarios.

The data base for most activities is a Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS serves as a central data base to store, process and describe spatial data. It serves as platform for data exchange and as a tool to display results.

The Floating Car Data (FCD) provides informationen about the Level Of Service (LOS) in real time. This information is being displayed on a digital street map (Traffic Viewer). The Level of Service can be displayed on different devices like in web browsers, on mobile devices or on On Board Units (OBU).

The results based on the analysis of FCD will be provided to different user groups like road user and media (e.g. radio) or officials like planning authorties and police for information, intervention and traffic control. International standards like TPEG und DMB are used to transmit and process the traffic information.

The models developed and used in the project METRASYs are partially based on FCD to estimate and calculate traffic volumes, emissions and emission dispersions.