Research Area of the METRASYS Project

The METRASYS project focuses on two cities in China’s coastal belt. Those cities are Jiading District in Shanghai and Hefei in the Anhui Province.

Jiading District is located in the northwestern part of Shanghai. With a total area of 463,9 square kilometers and around one million inhabitants, of which 510,000 inhabitants (2004) live in urban structures, it is on of the new towns in Shanghai. Jiading Districts has eight towns, three neighborhoods and 2 managing committees under its jurisdiction. Its population size is expected to increase to 1.2 million inhabitants by 2010, of which one million inhabitants will be urban inhabitants. It thus contributes to the 15 million inhabitants in the Shanghai metropolitan region.

Hefei, the capital of the Anhui Province, is located in the centre of China, between the Yangtze and the Huai River. It is about 450 kilometers in western direction from Shanghai. Hefei has the important regional advantage of connecting central China with east and west China. The total city area is 7,047 square kilometers, of which 640 are urbanized. The total population amounts to 5 million inhabitants, with 2.7 million (2008) living in the urban areas.