Objectives of the METRASYS Project

The main objectives of the METRASYS project are climate protection, a sustainable development of and sustainable mobility in highly dynamic economic and urban regions.

The development of sustainable mobility concepts for already existing and future mega cities will be the main task of the project. Due to its high population growth, Hefei in the Anhui Province, China, is predicted to become one of those future mega cities. Sustainable mobility concepts will be developed for Hefei and are to be realized locally in Hefei. In close cooperation with local partners from scientific and administrative organizations, the Chinese and German project partners will developed the concepts. This procedure provides a basis for incorporating the local perception of the problems. Innovative concepts, products and services, which proof to be solid, will be transferred to other urban regions and mega cities.

During the orientation and planning phase (2006-2008), the Chinese and German project partners have worked out a series of topics on which they will work on during the realization phase (2009-2013). Those topics are:

  • Energy efficiency and reduction of green house emissions as well as sustainable urban mobility (This also includes the provision of secure, clean, affordable and low noise mobility as well as the accessibility to transportation.)
  • Adaptation and/or development of new concepts and technologies which account for the different mobility needs of diverse users (user friendliness, acceptability) as well as for the socio-economic and regulative conditions (political and public awareness)
  • Realization of effective and sustainable concepts as well as demonstration and implementation of technologies and measures in the traffic management center in Hefei
  • Feasibility study of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as alternative finance source for the traffic management systems and other measures aiming at an energy efficient traffic system
  • Accompanying the planning processes of city development and transportation in Hefei and the region aiming at capacity building (political education, initiation of processes, institutions, participation in the transformation of the Chinese society)
  • Transfer of transportation measures to other Chinese mega cities and worldwide for the increase of energy efficiency and for the reduction of negative environmental impacts of transportation.

The scientific objective of the METRASYS project is to gain comprehensive knowledge of energy efficient structures for the sustainable development of future mega cities. The gained knowledge will serve to develop a strategy for the development of Hefei on its way to a future mega city. The project integrates different disciplines, e.g. spatial planning, transport science, engineering science and political science, in order to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and to the increase of energy efficiency.